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Regulating and monitoring food safety standards in the region.

The AJK Food Authority is a governmental organization whose purpose is to regulate and monitor food safety standards in the region of AJK Pakistan. Its main objectives include ensuring the availability of safe and wholesome food to the consumers, controlling food-borne illnesses, and promoting food safety awareness among the public.

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Helpline Inaugration January 9, 2024,
On January 9, 2024, in Muzaffarabad, the Food Department of Azad Kashmir, in compliance with the Supreme Court's order, established a helpline (1280) for the citizens. Director General of Food, Muhammad Younus Mir, inaugurated the helpline. Speaking at the launch, Director General highlighted that citizens can now lodge complaints regarding city food contamination and substandard items by calling the emergency helpline. The helpline will have a prompt response team, and information will be received from anywhere within Azad Kashmir through communication sources upon request. Director General emphasized the government's zero-tolerance policy on hospitality and food items. Ongoing phased actions are being taken to improve the quality of milk, food items, and other consumables. The helpline (1280) is established for citizens' convenience, allowing complaints about city food items, hospitality, and other consumables. Timely actions will be taken against wrongdoers while ensuring prompt resolution for complainants. The Food Department has been actively working to enhance the system for shopkeepers and hospitality establishments, issuing penalties and warnings against those selling substandard consumables. District Food Controller Muzaffarabad, Abrar Ahmed Mir, appealed to citizens to support the Food Authority's efforts and assured that the Food Department is taking comprehensive measures for the establishment of a healthy society. The inaugural ceremony of the helpline was attended by Director Food Department, Amjad Mughal District Food Controller Ibrar Ahmed Mir, Assistant Food Controller Urooj Butt, along with officers and staff of the Food Department.

Our Vision

The primary objective of the AJK Food Authority is to uphold and ensure the safety and quality of all food items and products, thereby safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the consumers.

Our Mission

In collaboration with food manufacturers, Food Business Operators, consumers, government departments, autonomous bodies, the AJK Food Authority strives to guarantee the safety and quality.

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