The prime objective of the AJK Food Authority is to guarantee the safety of the food supply chain through the regulation and monitoring of food-related businesses,


Establish food standards, procedures, and guidelines for all aspects of the food industry,including labeling, additives, and enforcement.


The implementation and upholding of food safety and quality standards.


Provide specifications for licensing procedures, issuance of improvement notices, and initiation of prosecution in the court of law.


extending scientific guidance and technical assistance to the Government regarding matters concerning food safety


Develop and coordinate training programs focused on food safety and standards


Undertake initiatives to raise awareness among the general public on matters related to food safety and standards.

Future Plans

The AJK Food Authority has planned to establish a food testing laboratory in AJK to ensure the safety and quality of food items. In addition, the authority plans to provide mobile labs and other gadgets equipped with on-spot testing kits to ensure the safety of food items in the region.